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Participants of youth exchange ‘Eastern and Western European Identity’, jointly initiated by Quadrivium and with ‘Energy for Europe’ Foundation, share impressions about their stay in Poland

Within Erasmus + Youth together with ‘Energy for Europe’ Foundation, Quadrivium initiated and organized youth exchange ‘Eastern and Western European Identity’ that took place in Poland in May 10-17. The programme embraced methods of non-formal education and intercultural activities. According to Nadia Bureiko, coordinator of the programme on behalf of Ukraine, such endevours are primarily aimed at intensification of people-to-people contacts and youth is always among the most opened for such dialogue. In addition, this youth exchange was envisaged to show that the  European values can be enhanced both within the EU and beyond,  moreover, the European integration is able to foster the understanding of the European identity in the EU’s Eastern vicinity.

The participants of the exchange programme share their impressions.

Alla FUSHTEI: “I have not even imagined that one week can enrich intellectually and spiritually to such extent. It was a precious mix of workshops, energizers, debates and discussions that helped to destroy all the existed stereotypes and to obtain a new approach towards European identity. Now I can definitely say that unity is in diversity!”

Mariia ZHYRIADA: “It is my second participation in exchange, therefore I had many expectations, and I can definitely say all of them were met. This project week was full of interesting working sessions, workshops, discussions and debates. We were debating prevailing stereotypes and attitudes towards various European countries, but each time the discussion was concluded with a mutual agreement. In addition to working component the cultural part was also exciting. Many warm memories remain upon our return and good friends whom I hopefully will see again”.

Khrystyna CHOPYUK: “Having a chance to communicate with other teams we have better understood how different people see and understand the European Union and the European identity. These are the exchanges like ours when you begin to understand that nationality and language of your communication do not play such an important role, we all support the same values despite the fact that some states are the EU members and some are only on their way”.

Pavlo BURDIAK: “Project “Eastern and Western European Identity”  impressed me with its diversity. First, numerous workshops, seminars and debates enhanced our knowledge on various issues, especially on democracy, migration, human rights, European identity etc. Second, tours to Krakow and Tarnow, sightseeing and visiting museums substantially expanded our vision of Polish history and culture. Third, interacting with other delegations helped to identify cultural peculiarities of each country, to define commonalities and differences representatives of various nationalities have. And what is of a greater significance – this project showed that many different cultures, traditions and languages ​​in Europe are a positive factor for the continent. Unity is in diversity”.

Оksana DYCHII: “I am very glad to have this opportunity to participate in such an interesting project. Everything was at the highest level: organization, venue, various workshops. I’ve met with representatives from other countries, with some of them we even became friends. Moreover, this project also gave me a chance to improve my communication skills and the level of both English and Polish. For me it is one of the best periods spent in Poland. I can not even express how many impressions and emotions remain as well as memories”.

Аnastasiia HAIDBAYEVA: “We want to thank all the organizers for the opportunity to participate in this project and the participants who have created such a good working environment that we did not even want to return home. Thank you for situational games, debates and energizers. Each country was special. Participants shared their views, discussed problems of both bilateral cooperation between the countries and multilateral dialogue within the EU. What is the most important that we always reached understanding. I would like to thank all the participants for extraordinary presentations of their countries, national attributes and delicious food, and in general for all the warm evenings spent during the project”

Dmytro KARABKA: “For me youth exchange project “Eastern and Western European identity” has become a prism through which I looked at a European culture from a new perspective. I managed to discover new people, their preferences and peculiarities, new countries, new traditions, and consequently new desires. During seven days 5 groups of young people were integrating into one friendly and tolerant community. Each new day seemed to be better than the previous one”


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