Overcoming Stereotypes in History of Ukraine

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For a long time history of Ukraine has been perceived by Ukrainians primarily in the light of the tragic pages of the existing ideological subtext, mythologizing and glorification of the history of empires, states, entities, an integral part of which Ukraine was in the past. Ukrainians were imposed with stereotypes in the imagining themselves, their daily life, image of the enemy or savior, “the one gathering of the Rus’ lands” etc. Most of the myths were standard: Ukraine is an artificial entity, it has no history, Ukrainian nation doesn’t exist, etc. Certainly, there was no lack of ‘arguments’ in favor of that point of view. Very often they were used without any objectivity. Ukrainian historical academic science was not only silent in denying such stereotypes but was also responding with new myths or becoming isolated in a narrow “club of interests”.

In light of recent revolutionary events in Ukrainian society the problem of facts distortion and presence of “white spots” in Ukrainian history actualize rethinking of our own past not only in narrow scientific environment, but also for each citizen of Ukraine.

Taking into consideration the social demand for such relevant topic, NGO “Quadrivium” is launching a permanent rubric “Overcoming Stereotypes in History of Ukraine”. Here we will publish articles, researches, analytical materials of Ukrainian and foreign scientists on the history of the Ukrainian state and its people.

To break stereotypes

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