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The Association Agreement with the EU signed by Ukraine and the new Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” have sparkled the necessity to enhance the quality of education in Ukraine. Ukraine and the EU jointly facilitate cooperation in the field of education and youth policy to foster mutual understanding, as well as the activization of intercultural dialogue. Therefore, the international mobility of students and teachers is encouraged.

Taking this into consideration, the team of the NGO “Quadrivium” is launching the project “Scientia est Potentia: Education without Borders”.

Ukrainian students and PhD students, and representatives of the teaching staff who have been studying or doing their researches abroad, are invited to share their impressions on different approaches towards the education and training, as well as organizational arrangements of the educational process abroad. Besides, they will bring their insights into what could be done to foster reforms in education in Ukraine based on their experience obtained abroad.

Concurrently, there are also students and PhD students as well as foreign lecturers coming to Ukraine from abroad. Quite often they find Ukrainian system of education completely different from what they have been used to. They will speak about their vision of Ukrainian system of higher education, its peculiarities, problems and achievements as well as the perspectives of further development.

The qualitative interviews present the first phase of the project. It will be further developed with the analytical endeavour that will be based on mixed methods research. The information about the envisaged follow-up activities will be updated later.

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