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Quadrivium kindly invites you to register to the online courses initiated and developed within the ENACTED project

Quadrivium kindly invites you to register to the online courses initiated and developed within the ENACTED project ‘European Union and its neighbourhood. Network for enhancing EU’s actorness in the eastern borderlands (2017-2625), co-funded by the European Union.

Participation in online courses is free of charge.

Upon finalizing all the units and the quizzes, participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

The registration is available online at

The deadline for registration is July 31.

Online course 1. Research methods in Social Sciences – Introductory course

Having a course related to research methodology derives from BA/MA/PhD students’ needs to design and carry out research activities. This need has been also confirmed by the curricular practices found across the prestigious universities in Europe. This discipline enables students to better develop their academic projects and gives an increased added value to their papers, while correlating various phenomena, establishing causality between variables, interpreting and disseminating the research results. Furthermore, the acquired information will be also helpful for future career development in the research field or for PhD thesis/post-doc research.
Coordinators:  Ramona Țigănașu (UAIC), Constantin Vasile Toca (ISER), David Rotman (BSU).
Web page:

Online course 2.  The European Neighbourhood Policy and Cross-Border Cooperation

The course addresses students who come from different backgrounds and areas of studies without a strong European dimension, as well as representatives of the civil society (including NGOs representatives). For all participants from border regions is relevant to further enhance their knowledge in cross-border cooperation and in the study of the ENP & EaP. Thus, the proposed course with a strong multidisciplinary dimension aims at providing students and non-professionals in the eastern borderlands of the EU with basic knowledge and practical experience in the political, economic and social processes occurring in the EU’s eastern cross-border regions.
Coordinators: Teodor Lucian Moga (UAIC), Ewelina Szczech-Pietkiewicz (WSE), Grigore Vasilescu (USM).
Web page:

Online course 3. EU funding for cross-border cooperation

The main objective of the course is to develop the participants’ theoretical and practical skills needed to identify specific funding opportunities, designing and developing project applications, as well as accessing, budgeting and managing the EU funded project. Besides its theoretical approach, the course will include ‘live’ case studies and experience from already implemented projects.
Coordinators: Alina Ploae (UAIC),  Klara Czimre (University of Debrecen).
Web page:

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