Western Education as a Tool for Europeanization in Ukraine

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The project is aimed at examining whether education obtained abroad promotes qualitative changes in the country. For the first time in Ukraine the Ukrainian alumni of different universities from abroad were interviewed after their returning to Ukraine. The experts of Ukrainian Institute for Public Policy (UIPP) and generators of opinions designed recommendations for governmental team on so-called “Agents of Changes” – personnel for reforming the social, political and legal system in Ukraine. “In the best way it can be done by people with an international experience and European education” – said Iryna Ozymok, head of the project “Western Education as a Tool for Europeanization in Ukraine”, and Kateryna Zarembo, the expert of the project, at a press briefing in Kyiv, November 28, 2014 at the Ukrainian crisis media center.
The experts of the UIPP kindly agreed to provide “Quadrivium” with the project materials for their further dissemination.

Ukraine’s labor market has been slowly changing: whereas in at the beginning of the 2000s, a western diploma qualitatively differentiated a job seeker from his competitors with a Ukrainian education, employers are not that much impressed by a western diploma today. Associations of graduates from western post-secondary institutions began to be organized and actively work, establishing an effective dialog with foreign diplomats, yet their Ukrainian counterparts showed little interest in them. It became clear that a critical mass of those who are ready to make the change happen is reached. Still, most graduates were avoiding the civil service while the state apparatus, in its turn, did little to offer conditions that might engage them.
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Project materials were kindly provided to NGO “Quadrivium” by the Ukrainian Institute for Public Policy for their further dissemination.

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