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Dedicated to Europe Day and EU Neighbourhood Day Quadrivium jointly with Chernivtsi National University within the ENACTED project…

Dedicated to Europe Day and EU Neighbourhood Day Quadrivium jointly with Chernivtsi National University within the ENACTED project ‘European Union and its Neighbourhood. Network for Enhancing EU’s Actorness in the Eastern Borderlands’ (2017-2625), financed by the EU, initiated and also join the partners’ events in Chernivtsi in May.

The national round of the essay contest ‘Looking to the future – сommon values, common dreams’ was organized to advance student’s views on the European integration process, the challenges of European construction, its values, the future of the European Union and the EU-related matters (more information about the contest can be read here).

Furthermore, jointly with the Art Studio ‘MonmARTr’ and the Language School ‘LS’ Quadrivium and Chernivtsi National University launched the art event ‘The European Union through the eyes of a child’. Under the guidance of professional teachers, young artists showed their own vision of Europe creating their art objects which were presented at the art exhibition. During the opening of the exhibition, the head of the NGO ‘Quadrivium’ Inna Kubay in an interactive way presented information about the main ideas of the European Union. Instead, children shared their impressions of the EU countries they saw during vacations and also described what ideas were put into the process of creating their paintings. Khrystia Vengryniuk, the director of the Art Studio ‘MonmARTr’, said that regardless of the fact that the topic of the exhibition was not an easy task for children, the process was interesting, fun, cognitive and exciting. All the participants of the exhibition were awarded international certificated and also pleasant surprises from the organizers and partners of the event.

The ENACTED project was presented at the European platform organized in the city centre of Chernivtsi by Chernivtsi Regional Administration where each inhabitant of the city could get more information about the EU, various European programmes Ukrainians are eligible for, the benefits of Ukraine’s association with the EU, etc. The interactive approach towards the event and the venue enabled networking opportunities for people of different age, professional training, etc.

Moreover, Inna Kubay, head of Quadrivium and ENACTED researcher, joined the EuroBus’ trip in Chernivtsi – the symbolic bus travelling around the cities of Ukraine to broader disseminate the information about the Association Agreement with the EU (financed by GIZ and the EU Delegation to Ukraine) and in the open-space format spoke on the European values, their perception both in the EU and in the Neighbourhood as well as on the main myths existing around the European values in the Ukrainian society.

Photo by Quadrivium, ACC, A. Kunitsyna, V. Hutsul.

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