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Artur Kadelnyk summarizes the impressions of the week

Artur Kadelnyk summarizes the impressions of the week:

“It was the last day of our project. The top quality speakers’ presentations, the most interesting places and exchange of experience and communication with our Polish colleagues – everything has already been left behind. But what is left ahead is even of a greater significance – further implementation of gained experience, new joint projects and follow-up of the current initiative.


Briefly about what we have obtained till October 30. Firstly, a lot of impressions. I think that the amount of positive emotions got during this exchange goes far beyond what has been expected. Secondly, we have learned a lot about each other, consequently succeeded in overcoming some stereotypes. Thirdly, despite the fact that difficult moments of shared history have been often discussed during the project, we were pleased that we (youth from Ukraine and Poland) had the same position towards most of the events.

I do not want to mention any particular speaker or event. The main and the most important to underling is the atmosphere of cooperation and a certain affinity. Therefore I think that the project deserves the highest score”


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