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The third day of our programme was also full of events.

The third day of our programme was also full of events. After the breakfast we went to Krakow. After delicious flavoured coffee we started to discover Krakow at Wawel Royal Castle. During the excursion we were amazed by the architecture of the castle and the exhibition at the museum. We also saw a fire dragon that is supposed to be a symbol of Krakow.

Afterwards we visited Jewish memorial museum ‘Galicia’. The museum has several exhibition zones divided into different themes. In the museum we had a meeting with Adam Reichardt, the chief editor of ‘New Eastern Europe’. With him we shared views on future perspectives of Ukrainian-Polish relations with regards to the current developments.


We were pleasantly surprised by a joyful snack that was brought to us on wheels 🙂 After that we went to the cinema to watch the movie ‘Volyn’. It should be noted that the movie raised ambiguous emotions among the Ukrainian group. In our opinion, the movie presents historically not completely accurate and coherent events that definitely has disappointed us. The movie arguably is imposing the idea that the Ukrainian population has been supporting all the authorities – both Soviet and German.  However, Polish audience at the end of the movie has been describing it as an art item with the elements of history not documentary approved facts that was obviously good news for us. The evening discussion between the participants of our group has shown that we are open for a dialogue and ready to improve our relations.

 Written by Halyna Vatamaniuk and Andrii Hovorushko

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