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“QUADRIVIUM” is a scientific NGO aimed at conducting high-quality scientific research and providing innovative practical recommendations. Therefore, we seek to achieve the following four goals:

  • development and support of civic society institutions and promoting democratic values in Ukraine;
  • analysis of challenges and opportunities faced by the countries within the post-soviet area;
  • management of Ukrainian scientists’ intellectual potential and creation of competitive innovative initiatives;
  • academic research of global and regional problems and dissemination of the most viable ideas for democratic society development.

Our expert team is:

  • conducting thorough analysis of Ukrainian and world social and political processes;
  • working on scientific researches, analytical reports, expert assessments;
  • facilitating editing and publishing of didactic, monographic and periodical literature;
  • organizing courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and other scientific, methodological and practical events on different topical issues;
  • developing and implementing programmes and tools for support and development of civic society institutions and promoting democratic values within Ukrainian social and cultural space;
  • providing consulting assistance on current scholarships, trainings and exchange programmes, internships and other activities available in educational, scientific, research institutions and organizations.

The NGO “QUADRIVIUM” seeks to fulfil the following mission: interdisciplinary study of significant achievements of social and cultural, political and legal, moral and valuable experience in the Western countries for further spreading and implementation of these imperatives into Ukrainian society.

Target audience: academia, students/PhD students, representatives of NGOs, analytical institutions, politics, culture, education, business etc.

Gaidara Street, 2A / 53,
Chernivtsi, 58016
Phone: +380685780248
e-mail: quadrivium.cv@gmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quadrivium