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Oleg Surovtsev: Having explored abundant different historic sources, documents, the recollections of the people who had survived the Holocaust, previous researches of Ukrainian and foreign scholars, the author investigated to a full extent the events and processes that had taken place involving Bukovynian Jews during the Second World War.

We are kindly inviting representatives of the local authorities, cultural societies of national minorities and academia to participate in the round table “Multienthic Bukovyna” (November 24, 2015). The event is jointly organized by Ukrainian Peacekeeping School together with NGO “Quadrivium”, NGO “Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation” and Department of International Relations…

November 10, 2015, the head of the NGO “Quadrivium” Inna Kubay was invited as a speaker to the programme “Tochka Dotyku” (“Touch Point”) at the radio “Bukovyna”.